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Genres: Drama
Actors: Alison Elliott , Ellen Burstyn , Marcia Gay Harden , Will Patton , Kieran Mulroney , Gailard Sartain , John M. Jackson , Louise De Cormier , Ida Griesemer , Lincoln Grow , Emerson Grow , Sam Lloyd Sr. , Lisa Louise Langford , Forrest Murray , Patty Smith
Director: Lee David Zlotoff
Country: United States
Year: 1996
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (4117 votes)

Percy, upon being released from prison, goes to the small town of Gillead, to find a place where she can start over again. She is taken in by Hannah, to help out at her place, the Spitfire Grill. Percy brings change to the small town, stirring resentment and fear in some, and growth in others.

Film Review

As the first scene unfolds we see women apparently working in a travel office, giving information to those who call. But as the camera pulls back, and we see bars, we realize it is a prison, and the inmates are unusual employees of the state of Maine.Set in Gilead, Maine, Percy Talbot (Alison Elliot) is being released from 5 years behind bars and travels here to pick up her life, and in the process helps heal a small town. Originally from Ohio, nothing has gone good for her yet. Now, in town, the local sheriff forgot that he was supposed to see about her. But nice older owner of the Spitfire Grill, Hannah (Ellen Burstyn), takes Percy in and puts her to work. In this very small town everyone is curious about Percy, but none as much as Hannah’s nephew, Nahum (Will Patton), who has taken it upon himself to watch out for Hannah. He simply does not trust Percy, even though she is a model employee. Marcia Gay Harden is good as Nahum’s simpleton wife, Shelby.Hannah unwisely uses a chair at h…

This is an excellent "chic flick". Have the Kleenex box close by, it’s a real tear jerker. The movie takes place in a small New England town. It’s social comment is: "Don’t judge a book by it’s cover." Poor Percy was jailed for the crime of killing her tormentor. She did her time and paid for her crime but not everybody felt that way. Nahum, in particular, had a rough lesson to learn about judgement. What Percy doesn’t know is that she is going to be the catalyst to ignite growth again in the little town of Gilead. She helps every "townie" in one way or another with her simple, uneducated truths and her honest and open view of the world. She’s a breath of fresh air this town needed if it was going to grow and mature. Take a look at this movie. You will find it gets under your skin and you are rooting for Percy to make this her home, this little town named Gilead.

When Percy is released from prison, she moves to a small town, Gillead, to get a fresh start. Taking up a job as waitress at the Spitfire Grill, she gradually wins the people over, particularly the grill’s elderly owner Hannah. As Percy becomes closer to the town she learns about many secrets and makes many friends, however Nahum Goddard still suspects her motives and resents her friendship with his wife.The plot synopsis sounded interesting if not totally promising and I decided to give it a try. Sadly the film is so trapped in a syrup of it’s own making that, even when it tries to get dramatic near the end it is far too sentimental to get anywhere near being dramatic. The film has an overly sweet view of small town America that is almost impossible to get past. It could have been touching, I agree, but as it is the film just totally blows it by miring itself in sentimentality. The plot is brave at points but never lets this syrup go – and it suffers greatly as a result.The scr…